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Is this Kamala Harris's rising star?

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, VP-elect Harris , and your chart in 2021

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The takeaway: VP Kamala Harris's signature issues in the Biden administration will be determined in part by the current powerful, epoch-defining conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in her 9th house (which is also a Saturn return in her nativity).

She'll likely focus on 7-8-9-10th house issues as Jupiter and Saturn rule these houses in her chart... with a special focus on the 9H house where the conjunction holds sway for most of 2021 in Aquarius . The planets' gravitas and power will serve the future-forward, aspirational , consciousness-raising politics of Aquarius.

We could see her rise more fully to prominence in early May possibly with an announcement on her own portfolio in the administration. It might have a theme that merges May's Jupiter transit to MC and natal Saturn: pragmatic institutional solutions (Jup-Sat themes) for inequities and negative impacts in 9th house/Aquarius areas: our judicial system, higher education, immigration, normative science and research, fair internet access for students, international trade and accords, and an 8th house-9th house issue, student debt. The 7th house involvement may reflect both the support of her husband, Doug Emhoff, and the calculated diplomacy required in her own partnership with President Biden ... or signify open enemies and allies.

ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This Jupiter Saturn conjunction, the closest to earth in 800 years, in the fixed air element of Aquarius inspires constructive change on a stage which will continually move and shift around the heavy-hitter planets. Which means that some swings at the problem will likely be batting at air... not initially productive at all.

The fixity of Aquarius, however, suggests that VP-elect Harris will do her best to ensure that the administration fulfills its promises on key 9H issues (international, scientific research, higher ed, law) to benefit the Aquarian "folk"-- the underrepresented, the disrespected, the future-forward types and the currently unemployed. The very people who voted the Biden ticket in (and she knows it).

The next two years appear to be optimal for VP-elect Harris to make her mark. It overlaps with her (career) 10H profected year through next October 2021. In 2021, Jupiter (10H/7H ruler) enters Pisces, her 10H, shining some good fortune and a high public profile. There will be allies and open enemies aplenty (7H) which (on the plus side) means she will be very involved, not a bystander VP. Jupiter's brief ingress into Pisces in the spring (10H) adds charisma and compassion, attunement and intuition throughout the year for this heavily air-ruled VP (Gemini ASC, Libra Sun).

Having said that, Harris's Saturn return grinds on beyond to March 2023. Over the next two years of the full transit, Saturn squares Uranus "the Shock Jock" in Taurus in her 12H, and Harris can probably count on suffering some Uranian surprises and static. Interestingly, she has a square between a very prominent Midheaven-Saturn conjunction and Jupiter (10H ruler) in Taurus in her natal.... and Jupiter is in the 12H, also in the radix chart.

Even though Saturn is in his domicile sign in Harris's nativity, it's a malefic on the midheaven. She's probably learned a few hard lessons over the years about her underlying career strengths, like working her agenda behind the scenes, which is perfect for a VP. It might mean some kind of personal issue present sudden problems for her with Uranus active and squared in the 12th.

As stated above, Harris is in a Jupiter-ruled profection year (the planet ruling 7H 10H, and amplifying the profected 9H), which overall bodes well for these transits as Jupiter emerges from its fall in Cap and enters Aquarius.

For the rest of us hoi polloi ...

The broader picture of this long Saturn transit, and its square from Uranus in Taurus, has some troubling implications for all of us. The ultra-dry placement of a squared Saturn in fixed air suggests shortages, particularly of potable water, clean air, and arable, fertile land in the green thumb sign of Taurus, and agricultural labor may be in short supply as well. There may be ongoing protests from Taurus types. Taurus is a fixed sign associated with property and ownership interests, as well as anyone involved in environment, land, banking, and food production.

We'll see sudden shifts in consumer tastes to "green" everything, but it's possible that the "change we need" for the health of the environment and economy will occur at a grindingly slow pace once Jupiter leaves the sign in December 2021.

Wiser mundane astrologers than me, such as Lee Lehman, have forecast that this entire decade will be characterized by strife and division. In 2021, the difficulty of the changes is heralded by Mars's participation in the Uranus-Saturn square.

Change ain't easy ... ever. But when air dominates, it's too easy to plan and redraft plans in a disservice to earth signs and interests .... and that's another kind of problem to bear in mind as you look at your chart over this period.

A four-house impact in every chart

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions typically herald a twenty-year cycle of "constructive change" such as civilization and career-building. You can check your chart for house placement of Jupiter and Saturn. You can bet those are areas of life that will benefit from careful, informed planning and progress. Also pay attention to the affairs of the previous two houses and the house subsequent to your house in Aquarius since Jupiter and Saturn together rule four consecutive signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Pro tip: also check aspects to the conjunction in Aquarius from your profected year house ruler, in transit and natally.

Your efforts will be rewarded based on patient work, and bold, imaginative research with the potential to engineer a better, more socially and environmentally just future. It sounds very Epcot Center, no?

Walt Disney Imagineering


The old new deal

This year, our two bright giants also sweep in a 200- year period where the conjunction (with few exceptions) happens in air signs only.

The arid fragrance of this epoch-shaping shift has been swirling in the air for a long while, since the first oddball conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in air in 1980 ... and it arrives after Saturn Pluto and Mars have spent months besieging and afflicting Jupiter in Capricorn. For sure, Jupiter arrives to this conjunctio party a little less jolly than usual, and subtly bullied by Saturn who resides in his other domicile sign.

Will old-school Saturn resurrect dated ideals circa 1991, and fail to take up the challenge of climate emergency? Maaaaayyybe.

I grew up in Washington DC, which is Hollywood for poli-sci nerds. It may help to remember the maya-like illusion that power and sovereignty always cast. A typical DC kid, I grew up witnessing the sea changes between administrations, huge shifts in styles and aspirations that were overturned literally in the space of two months, on a Saturn-like clockwork of four or eight years. Regimes may cultivate an image of stability, but they more often produce unpredictable change and a "very stable genius" or two.

Hopefully we'll take a deep collective breath (those of us lucky enough to do so) and we'll try to roll with the air-dominant times.

A skillful response to our opportunities now

It wouldn't hurt to start by making a change for the better in the quality of our communications. Maybe we'll have more of Saturn's patience, taking time to build bridges of "right speech": well-crafted, empathetic communication, extending goodwill between all the communities we belong to, the virtual and the physical, the socially conscious ones, and the not-so-much.

It will be especially challenging in the coming months as the Mars squares from fixed signs can spur reactive responses, obstructing the long-term goal of national agreements on critical issues such as housing and food security, healthcare, and the environment.

My hope is that despite the strife, we'll at least be on speaking terms by Saturn's exit from Aquarius in early 2023.

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