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Coming out

-- "Shame cannot survive empathy" Brene Brown

It's never easy showing your true colors. Sometimes it takes a year like this one, with all its losses and deprivations, to get to the heart of where we really are.

For me, this means a taking my astrological studies public. I've been getting such heartwarming responses from clients.

There is a story behind this move -- and one client encouraged me to tell it. Forty-something years after being dared by an astrology-loving friend to disprove astrology, I'm still plugging away, doing my best. He said:

"Here take these"

... and he handed me a stack of books:

  • Robert Hand Planets in Transit
  • Robert Pelletier, Planets in Houses
  • The Compleat Astrologer, Derek and Julia Parker
  • The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, CG Jung
  • Linda Goodman's Sun Signs
  • Swiss Ephemeris

(For a short accessible list, a fine start, IMHO)

Then my friend said, "Find one chart that seems to fit a person only generically, and not precisely, to a high degree."

And then, dear reader I came up short. As much as I loved science, I loathed arithmetic. Back then, you had to calculate exact positions by hand, counting out degree movements by hour.

So I was stubborn. I had that going for me.

Chart after chart, year after year. I bought a proper ephemeris (a thick book) and literally wore it out until it lost the covers. It looked like the Velveteen bunny did after being loved to threadbare pieces. I bought more books. I studied Renaissance astrologers, the intersection of science and magic, at Oxford and UVa.

Still no luck with that dare.

I'm not surprised this is the year I'm coming out, though. Thanks to the Mars-Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn pile-up in Capricorn, this has been a year of deaths. And only some of them were symbolic, unfortunately. That astrology-loving friend is now gone, among other dear ones this year. I'm thinking of the late Shelley Ackerman, ISAR's doyenne of celeb and predictive astrology, and another very dear old friend.

I miss him, and them. In the spirit of welcoming the reality of our vulnerability, with or without astrology, my practice continues. I'm so grateful for the path he set me on.

Thanks to that long-ago dare, I've prepared ahead for astrological heavy weather, including our recent transits in Capricorn. I can tell you the stories, anytime ...

On a more regular basis, I've supported friends and colleagues through tough times of transition. And offered a small assist at a time of personal growth ... all thanks to my first astrologer friend. And, on my side, some healthy skepticism, and a balance of social justice, contemplative studies, and other means of awareness-based healing.

Hopefully my offering will help others find their true colors, too.

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