• Finding our true North

    Practices for opening our heart to

    inner healing and outer focus




    We can't always change the external world, we know that. We don't always see the resources for positive change, and the good choices ... they're right in front of us, and all around us.


    Ancient contemplative methods empower us to choose our response to life in a way that's consistent with our highest values and intention. Coaching, yoga, and contemplative practices work well together to help us develop resources within, to let go of old stories, to adopt a more balanced perspective and realize our optimal health and well-being ... to make more attuned life choices, even through the most difficult seasons of life.




    Offering personalized contemplative practices for over 20 years, Susanna Nicholson MPhil. Oxon., is a coach certified by Duke University, and in mindfulness instruction, by Greater Good Science Center at University of California, which led her to decades of teaching meditation at hospitals and later, at meditation centers such as Tibet House NYC.


    Her training is informed by study on cultural sensitivity and trauma recovery in the context of breath practices and embodied awareness: certified in Somatic Experiencing Level I, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Integrative Sound Healing, Mindful of Race workshops, Qigong and IAYT Yoga Therapy certification.


    Yoga therapy individual instruction has resumed online. It focuses primarily on breath technique to improve immunity function and to increase mental resilience and balance.




    Reputation: For twenty years Susanna has been based at hospitals and clinics where she has helped hundreds of clients at a crossroads to find their "true North". The approach is based on contemplative self-inquiry, and embodied contemplative practices, along with the standard (and very helpful!) coaching and yoga therapy tools to mark out a clear path ahead.


    As a result her students and clients have refined their choices in work and life, and moved forward with confidence based on their own inner work. Resume here


    Fees: Are much more flexible at this time. Contact susannanicholson@gmail.com for an affordable 3-month coaching package.


    Recent testimonials

    Thank you so much that was a phenomenal and empowering session. -- A.S.


    Today was so insightful and validating and encouraging to me. I feel a lot more clarity. AHHH! I appreciate it all so much! -- C.G.


    The conversation was both important and insightful. I learned more about my assumptions and was delighted that you provided the space for my honesty.
    Thanks for creating this possibility. -- A.Z.

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