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    We can't change the external world, we know that. We don't always see the resources and good choices right in front of us, however.


    Ancient contemplative methods empower us to choose our response to life in a way that is more consistent with our highest values and vision. Coaching, astrology, and mindfulness practices work well together to help us develop resources within, let go of old stories, to adopt a more balanced perspective .... and to make more attuned life choices, even through the most difficult seasons of life.




    Offering personalized contemplative practices for over 20 years, Susanna Nicholson MPhil. Oxon., is a coach certified by Duke University, and in mindfulness instruction, by Greater Good Science Center at University of California, which led her to decades of teaching at hospitals and dharma centers such as Tibet House.


    Further formal trainings and study on cultural sensitivity and trauma recovery in the context of embodied awareness (i.e. Somatic Experiencing, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Sound Healing, Mindful of Race workshops, and IAYT Yoga Therapy certification), also inform her coaching. Yoga therapy offerings will resume when observation and support can be offered to clients in person.


    At client request, Susanna offers astrology to supplement her integrated approach to health and life coaching. She practiced and studied astrology informally for over 40 years, and formally with inspired teachers such as Will Morris, Austin Coppock, and Ronnie Gale Dreyer (benefiting from her scholarship and insights into jyotish). None of these in-person classes represent an authorization or endorsement.


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    December 29, 2020 · Kamala Harris,Uranus-Saturn square,mundane astrology,Jupiter-Saturn conj,2021
    The takeaway: VP Kamala Harris's signature issues in the Biden administration will be determined in part by the current powerful, epoch-defining conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in her 9th house (which is also a Saturn return in her nativity). She'll likely focus on 7-8-9-10th...
    December 21, 2020
    It's never easy showing your true colors. Sometimes it takes a year like this one, with all its losses and deprivations, to get to the heart of where we really are. For me, this means a taking my astrological studies public. I've been getting such heartwarming responses from clients. There is...
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